Gateway Beat

by The Troubled

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Hey, psst, guys, want some music?

Go ahead and get some of this Gateway Beat! It’s cool AF, looks great and sounds amazing. We promise you’ll be hooked.

This release is a teaser to our debut LP which we are cooking with all our devotion.
With buying this stuff you directly support our band and help us make the album a reality.

So, what sounds do we have on this baby.
1. Cult of Power (Live in Warsaw)
2. Rock Out
3. Waiting For The Night (Radio edit)
4. Burning Bridges (Live in Warsaw)
5. Patience
6. Waiting For The Night

Two live tracks were recorded at our show in Warsaw last summer. It was a great show and we hope you’ll feel the excitement on the record.

We’d like to thank Anna Funt, Piter Sajkowski, Szary, Kasja and Kostek, Artur Wojsa, Misha Koshmak, the Twilighters and all the friends we met on our last year’s tour to Poland for good times on the road.

Live recordings/mixing by Alik Dziki
Waiting For The Night, Patience - recording/mixing by Vitaliy Kandyba
Rock Out - recording/mixing by Alex Hellfire
Album mastering by Alex Hellfire

Album art is done by yours truly Shkiper and Stan.

Check out the merch section, you will be surprised ;)

Release by Surrogate Rec.
Kyiv 2017


released April 27, 2017

Music, lyrics by the Troubled except Rock Out by Motorhead.



all rights reserved


The Troubled Kyiv, Ukraine

Rock-n-roll trio from Kyiv, Ukraine

Stan - guitar, vox
Slava - drums
Shkiper - bass

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Track Name: Gateway Beat (Full Album)
Cult Of Power
Animal instinct, the rule number one
In the blink of an eye you lost or you won
Kill or be killed, it’s the world of the beast
Stand your ground, raise your ape fist

Animal instinct, the rule number two
If you lost your way vultures come after you
All alone and you’re going through hell
Stand your ground, make your ape yell

Cult of power, cult of power
I am preaching it for every waking hour
If you’re a coward your soul I will devour
Come wash yourself in the shower of power

Animal instinct, the rule number three
If you trust yourself it’s the way to be free
All alone in the world of the dead
Stand your ground, raise your ape head

Rock Out
Hear the music coming, loud as you can stand,
You will never be the same again,
Let the beat into you, let it turn you 'round,
Let it be your best friend,
You are the future, it's your time,
You and you and you,
Stay together this is yours and mine,
What we're gonna do.

Rock out, rock out, rock out,
Let it crush your fear,
Rock out, rock out, rock out,
And you can get it here!

Here comes the bass, thunder in the guts
Rock 'til you can't stand
Now the guitar speaks, gonna drive you nuts
Power under your hand
You are the people, now you shine
You and you and you
Stay together, let me speak the line
What you gonna do?

Rock out, rock out, rock out,
Let it crush your fear,
Rock out, rock out, rock out,
You can get it here

Rock out, rock out, with your cock out,
Impress your lady friends,
Rock out, rock out, rock out,
'Til your life is at an end.

Waiting For The Night
The sad moon is rising
As shadow of your smile
I wish I had the time
I would made it right
Waiting for the night

The blood moon is rising
The time slips away
Our galaxies dividing
I want you to stay
Waiting for the night

The full moon is rising
The ocean licks my feet
The memories inside me
I don’t want to keep
Waiting for the night

Burning Bridges
I endlessly walk through the valley of death
The desolate land of my mind
With spirits I talk and with devils I roam
Way out is what I want to find

Done with being rat in a cage
Living life as a circus clown
But I’m gonna let out my rage
And burn these bridges down

I don’t wanna watch in the crystal ball
My fate’s only mine to make
And all the mistakes I make on my way
They are only my cross to take
I’m king of my land and I’ll fight till the end
And carve in the stone what I’ve said
My wish in the well is to break evil spell
Of walking the earth as a dead

Sitting and waiting
Long days and nights
And I’ll keep on waiting
As long as I can hide
My patience

Days getting longer
They last like a road
On and off they go
Stretch like a gum
Just like my goal
So far away
The road is so long
It never gonna end
But I’ve got patience